Jennica Garcia has recently dismissed speculations that she has reconciled with estranged husband, actor Alwyn Uytingco.

The actress, who has moved away to a new home with her daughters since their split last May, admitted to rumours that the family spent some time with Alwyn in Tanay, and that it would not be the last.

“For the one who left a comment that they saw Alwyn with us in Tanay. [Yes, so?] Why did it come as a surprise that my children’s father and I are together in a particular place with our children? Does that mean just because we are together then we are romantically linked?” she asked.

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Just having meal together with their children

Jennica stated that the two of them are not “boyfriends and girlfriends” that would cut ties with one another after a breakup, as they have children to think of. She added that she will never stop her children from being with their father.

“If Alwyn and I were to get back together, the news would come from me. Not from your friend or from anyone who does not know anything about my personal life.”

Jennica and Alwyn tied the knot in 2014. The two have two daughters, Athena and Severina.

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Jennica and Alwyn are no longer a couple and have two daughters together

(Photo Source: Jennica Garcia Instagram, Alwyn Uytingco Instagram)