Jay Chou has recently warned fans of an Instagram user impersonating him on social media.

As reported on New Talk, the Taiwanese star recently posted a screenshot of a message on Instagram Story sent by a fan who interacted with an account using the handle jaychou6466.

According to the said account, the user is supposedly Jay himself, who created a private account where he gets to “appreciate and get to know some of loyal fans”.

“Fake,” the real Jay tweeted, along with the Pile of Poo emoji.

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Jay warns fans of the fake account

It is noted that the fake account also used Jay’s “The Green Hornet” photo as its profile picture, seemingly trying to confuse fans.

This is not the first time that the singer had other people impersonating his online presence to defraud people. He previously reminded fans not to be cheated by a fake account that has been contacting other people, saying, “How kind am I that I would go say hi to people everywhere?”

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram, Newtalk)