James Reid recently admitted that the desire to have control over his creativity was the reason why he decided to take a step back from acting and instead focus on his music.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actor-singer, who sat down with The Juans on their most recent vlog, stated that he never expected to go as far as he did with his music when he first made the decision to do the kind of project that he likes.

“The first project I did was “Palm Dreams”. It was my first time to write a whole album, completely original. We weren’t trying to make a number one album, a mainstream album. I was just making music that I like. And then it was funny because when I released it, a lot of tweets were saying, ‘You know I’m not a fan of James Reid but ‘Palm Dreams’ is lit,’” he shared.

He said that the good reviews led one thing to another and made him realise that he has a future in music, which is why he began to bring in more artistes, starting with Brett Jackson.

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“I love acting. But sometimes after doing teleserye after teleserye, it gets repetitive and I felt like kind of robotic. I craved something that came from me, that I can really express. I was just following instructions. It wasn’t feeding my soul. It was difficult for me to step away from all of that because I was in a very good place. But I stepped away from doing that and I chose something more difficult, which is something that I still had to grow in [such as] making music and production, writing songs,” he said.

After the ample success of his song, “Crazy” last month, James recently released a new song called “Hello”.

(Photo Source: James Reid Instagram)