Turning the big 6-0 really is a big deal, especially for a forever young star like Jacky Cheung – which was why Universal Records recently decided to arrange for 60 singers to film their birthday wishes for Jacky as a birthday gift.

As reported on Mingpao, the God of Songs, who turned 60 on 10 July, recently had a small celebration with several Universal Records’ personnel, which only consists of him opening a bottle of champagne and cutting a large cake as the others cheered him on.

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Jacky Cheung gets a low-key birthday party

He was then surprised with a series of congratulatory messages from his peers and juniors alike, ranging from the likes of fellow Hong Kong singers like Alan Tam, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, and Gigi Leung, to international performers like Stefanie Sun, Coco Lee, Karena Lam, Rainie Yang, and JJ Lin.

Kelly, who rarely appeared in recent years, expressed that she would love to hear Jacky perform “Blue Rain” again, as he seldom sings the song in shows in recent years, adding that it would be great to be able to hear it again.

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Kelly wants to hear Jacky performs ‘Blue Rain’ again

Alan Tam congratulated Jacky and jokingly welcomed him to the “Forever 25” family, adding, “I hope he sings more beautiful songs like “Love You More Each Day” in the future.”

Stefanie expressed, “I hope Jacky will have a happy life, continue singing for everyone, release new music soon and to be in good health”, while Karena expressed, “I love “Love Letter” the most, and we became acquainted through the MV. I want to say that from head to toe, I love you very very much!”

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Stefanie Sun also wishes Jacky Cheung a happy birthday

(Photo Source: Kelly Chen Instagram, Stefanie Sun Instagram, Mingpao, Sina)