Shin Se-Kyung has recently inked a deal with EDAM Entertainment, the same agency that has been managing singer-songwriter, IU.

On 5 July, the company released a statement confirming the news, saying that they are happy to be working with Shin, who has “solid acting skills accumulated over the years”.

“We will not spare our full support so that Shin Se-Kyung can show a wider spectrum of acting based on various platforms and works, as well as dramas and movies,” the company added.

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The agency welcomes Shin
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EDAM’s only other artiste is IU

Prior to EDAM, Shin has been managed by Namoo Actors since 2004. They parted ways in May this year.

On the other hand, IU recently posted a photo of rices cakes shared by the agency’s staff to celebrate their new artiste, and wrote, “Yay, a new family member.”

IU gave Shin Se-Kyung such a sweet and warm welcome to the agency
The agency also presented Shin with a cake with pics of her dogs

(Photo Source: Shin Se-Kyung Instagram, IU Instagram,EDAM Entertainment, Soompi)