After the success of his 2015 drama, “Nirvana in Fire”, it was reported that Chinese heartthrob Hu Ge is set to return in the third instalment of the said franchise, as reported on Epoch Times.

It is noted that the actor plays the lead Mei Changsu in the original series, which made him a household name and solidified his status in the industry following the broadcast of the series.

However, Hu did not return for the sequel, nor did his character, and instead was replaced by Huang Xiaoming’s Xiao Pingzhang, which did not attract the audiences as much as Mei Changsu did.

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Hu Ge made it big playing Mei Changsu in the original ‘Nirvana in Fire’

Now, sources claimed that Hu will be making his comeback with the third instalment, with filming to begin soon. However, fans who hope that he will be the main star may feel a bit frustrated to know that Hu may only be playing a supporting role.

On the other hand, it was rumoured that the third instalment will have Zanilia Zhao Li Ying playing the heroine, with the hero to be played by “Legend of Yunxi” star, Zhang Zhehan.

No news as to what the storyline will be.

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The new drama to star Zanilia Zhao Li Ying

(Photo Source: Epoch Times, ET Today, Zanilia Zhao Li Ying Instagram)