Japanese singer Hikaru Utada surprised many recently by announcing that they are non-binary.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer shared the news on a livestream on 26 June, starting by introducing her teddy bear called Kuma-chan that Hikaru described as being gay.

“It’s the month of June, and I’m non-binary, so happy Pride Month!” Hikaru expressed.

Hikaru’s pronouns are no longer ‘she/her’, but ‘they/them’

Prior to the announcement, the singer posted a long message on Instagram hinting about being non-binary, writing, “I’m sick of being asked if I’m “Miss or Missus” or choosing between “Miss/Mrs/Ms” for everyday things. It makes me uncomfortable to be identified so markedly by my marital status or sex, and I don’t relate to any of those prefixes. Every time, I feel like I’m forced to misrepresent myself. I long for an alternative option, one that anybody of any gender or social standing could use.”

“After writing thus far I looked it up and discovered that “Mx.” (pronounced as “mix”) has been suggested! That’s awesome and I hope it becomes more widely used. I’m afraid my idea for a neutral prefix has come too late…”

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Hikaru goes everywhere with the teddy bear Kuma

(Photo Source: Hikaru Utada Instagram, Billboard)