Flora Chan recently dismissed the notion that she is no longer a part of showbiz.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was earlier revealed to have started working as an English teacher in a college, shared that she has always been in the industry and will always be, though that she is also doing many other things at the same time.

“I just picked up a coming-of-age movie about two Hong Kong girls, which is expected to be released next year,” she said. “We have also shot the second show after “After School” called “Before School”, and another one will be produced in the future.”

If everything goes well, she added, she will also be obtaining a doctorate degree from the Department of Education at the University of Hong Kong.  She had graduated with a communications major from Boston University many years ago.

“I am older in all aspects. From nothing to something, from something to nothing, I’ve experienced it all. As a human being, you don’t always have to look back when facing difficulties. Don’t talk about ‘why me?’, instead, why not ‘try me’?” she said.

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Flora previously hosted the education-themed show, ‘After School’

(Photo Source: Oriental DailyMingpao)