Do we already know the plot of “Krrish 4”? No.

But is there a fan-fiction storyline out there that even blew lead star Hrithik Roshan’s mind? Yes!

A Twitter user called Sambit recently went viral after he posted a “Wattpad storyline” to his account of what the fourth instalment of the Bollywood superhero should be.

Tweeting, “I wrote a #Krrish4 wattpad storyline in 5 minutes Rakesh Roshan could never”, the synopsis read as follows:

In short, Dr. Siddhant Arya becomes a supervillain after building a time machine and going to the past to kidnap some aliens from the first movie, then abducted Krishna and Priya’s child to go back to 2006. Krishna and Priya built their own time machine, got back in time, and then Priya meets the alien Jadoo from the original movie “Koi… Mil Gaya” who then gives her superpower to help save Krishna and their child and work together as supercouple to defeat Dr. Siddhant.

Very “Avengers: Endgame” meets “Back to the Future” if you ask us.

Of course we would love to see this scene the other way around

The tweet had since circulated online, attracted a lot of attention including from the titular star himself, who replied: Imagination 100%

On the other hand, others are expressing their support for this particular alternative storyline by Sambit, with one writing, “I totally want this to be a movie. It would be amazing.”

Sadly, Rakesh Roshan has already locked his own script, so maybe we can see that storyline for the fifth instalment instead? It was just less than a fortnight ago that Hrithik celebrated the 15th anniversary of the “Krrish” franchise in an Instagram post with a short clip of the superhero.