TV and internet personality Erwan Heussaff is urging the public to just get vaccinated and not be picky with what type one gets.

Erwan, who received his second dose of the Sinovac vaccine recently, took to social media to express his thoughts about the issue, saying that it would have been deemed “socially unacceptable” by many to announce it if he received the other ‘Big Four’, as many believes that only the privileged received Pfizer or Moderna and the likes.

“The way I see it, anyone getting vaccinated at this point, regardless of the brand, is privileged, so don’t be choosy. If you can get it, do it. Some people have been waiting for months to receive one dose in the Philippines and some people here have to wait in line for hours (days?) for their shots. Thankfully, my experience was organized, and the wait was manageable (Thanks Makati!),” he expressed.

Erwan stated that he actually ordered the Moderna vaccine months ago for his companies, but that they have yet to receive shipment, and therefore decide to just sign up in Makati as an A4.

“When did everyone become a vaccine expert? I’m so tired of knee jerk opinions on Viber groups, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the day Sinovac is still an effective Covid-19 vaccine. Whether it’s 50% or 95%, it’s still something. Just because you’re vaccinated does not mean you can go hugging strangers again.”

Erwan Heussaff: Stop being picky about vaccines!, celeb asia, erwan heussaff, theHive.Asia
Erwan: When did everyone become a vaccine expert?

The husband of Anne Curtis stated that while there has been lots of articles coming out about vaccinated health care workers getting infected in Thailand and Indonesia, they are still small numbers compared to how many healthcare workers, in total, who have been vaccinated there.

“So, stop trying to be the smartest person in the room and listen to people who know what they are talking about (not me, the doctors). In any case, it looks like ALL vaccine brands are now discussing potential needs of booster shots with other vaccine brands, due to the new variants. Just goes to show that no vaccine has a 100% efficacy rate. Just like condoms, but you still use them, right?” he added.

Erwan Heussaff: Stop being picky about vaccines!, celeb asia, erwan heussaff, theHive.Asia
Erwan and wife Anne Curtis with their daughter Dahlia

(Photo Source: Erwan Heussaff Instagram)