Emperor Group and its stars have recently banded together to donate to the aid of the Zhengzhou flood relief.

As reported on Mingpao, Chairman Albert Yeung released a statement on 21 July, revealing that the company and its artistes have accumulated a total of RMB 14.15 million to be donated to the Henan Charity Federation to help those in need, as well as further disaster relief work.

In total, both Nicholas Tse and William Chan donated RMB 1 million; Joey Yung and Charlene Choi each RMB 500,000; while Gillian Chung and Hacken Lee gave RMB 300,000 each.

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Charlene and Gillian of Twins donated as well

On the other hand, Albert and his son Alex donated RMB 10 million in total.

“Seeing that the heavy rains and floods have brought casualties to the local area, people’s homes have been destroyed, and some nursing homes have even been shut down due to power outages, and even elderly people living alone are trapped by the floods, the group hopes to help local people through donations to overcome difficulties,” said Yeung. “I am grateful to the frontline rescue team for saving the victims day and night. I hope everyone will be safe and look forward to better weather soon.”

The official death toll from the floods in Henan and the central city of Zhengzhou are now in the 30s since it began earlier this week, with the authorities saying that three million people have been affected.

(Photo Source: Charlene Choi Instagram, SINA)