Bela Padilla has indirectly answered the old age question – did she and Zanjoe Marudo ever ended up together in the past?

The actress recently appeared in Kim Chiu’s YouTube vlog, where Kim and Dani Barretto played the game of “Who Knows Bela Better”. After guessing about Bela’s last series, last movie, first endorsement and other trivia, the two were asked about the actress’ first boyfriend.

“Jason Abalos!” the two of them shouted in unison, which was confirmed correct by the questioner.

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The three girls sure had fun in the ‘Who Knows Bela Better’ game

They were later asked about Bela’s last boyfriend before her current squeeze Norman Bay, to which both answered immediately, “Zanjoe Marudo!”

A flustered looking Bela tugged on Kim’s hair, and stressed, “He never became my boyfriend!”

It is noted that Bela and Zanjoe Marudo were romantically linked to one another in 2017, after working together on the TV series, “My Dear Heart”.

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Zanjoe Marudo and Bela Padilla at a promotional event for ‘My Dear Heart’

When asked about their closeness on “Tonight with Boy Abunda”, the actress said, “We are texting. [We’re not going out per se]. I am entertaining all possibilities in my life right now. I would say, Zanjoe is a big help in my life right now.”

However, nothing else came out of the friendship, with Zanjoe telling the same host a few months later that he is “single, but not available”.

The two recently collaborated yet again in Bela’s directorial effort, “366”.

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The actress is now happily dating Turkish boyfriend Norman Bay

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