After previous reports about a famous girl group member getting fined for using propofol, it was recently revealed that the said singer was actually Brown Eyed Girls’ youngest member Son Ga-In.

As reported on Chosun, the singer was suspected of using propofol (a painkiller and controlled substance) from July to August 2019, after a plastic surgeon was indicted for violating the Narcotics Management Act by selling the painkiller Etomidate to various patients, which reportedly include the singer.

The Suwon District Court has recently ordered Ga-In to pay a fine of KRW 1 million (approximately USD 884) in a trial that was held earlier this year.

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Ga-In is a member of Brown Eyed Girls

In a statement released by her agency Mystic Story, the company expressed its apology for causing concern and not apologising much earlier when the singer was indicted last year.

“More than anything, it really hurts to relay news that would disappoint fans who have waited for a long time while she is in a period of self-reflection. We are very sorry regarding this matter,” the company stated.

Mystic Story also stated that Ga-In has experienced depression and severe sleep disorder due to past troubles and and made a reckless decision during those that period, and that they felt strongly responsible for not being able to help her more.

“In future, Ga-In and Mystic Story will work hard in an effort to return to the fans and the public more maturely. Again, we sincerely apologise for causing concern,” it added.

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Ga-In has spoken about struggling from mental health issues in the past

(Photo Source: Son Ga-In Instagram, Brown Eyed Girls Instagram)