Despite Kris Wu’s denial over allegations of predatory behaviour, it looks like several brands are slowly inching away from him.

As reported on ET Today, on 18 July, the mainland cosmetic brand KANS released a short announcement on Weibo, stating that it has issued a notice of termination to Kris and has terminated all cooperation and brand partnership between the two parties.

However, it gave no further information as to the reason of the termination.

Meanwhile, other brands such as Lancome, Bestore, SEEYOUNG, and Liby reportedly have quietly removed and concealed related promotional posts that bore Kris Wu’s face.

18 year-old Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of preying on under-aged girls

The former EXO member made headlines last week, after an 18 year-old named Du Meizhu admitting to have dated the singer and accused him of being a predator, luring under-aged girls with singing and acting offers and sweet-talked them into spending the night with him.

Du also claimed that Kris had a preference for girls born after 2000, and released unverified screen-shots of chat conversations claiming that they were all from his victims.

Kris had since denied the allegation, with his legal rep stating that the screen-shots were fabricated to gain publicity.

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KANS is ending collaboration with Kris

(Photo Source: Kris Wu Instagram, WWD, MP Headline)