Model-actress Aya Asahina and Sandaime J-SOUL BROTHERS’s Kenjiro Yamashita recently announced that they have tied the knot.

In a joint statement released by both parties, the two Japanese celebrities revealed that the two of them share many common interests and that the time they spent together is filled with joy and attraction.

They also added that they are planning to build a happy family together.

“Also we will dedicate ourselves even more to our work, so we ask for your continued guidance and support,” the statement added.

Aya’s most known project was the Netflix series “Alice in Borderland”. On the other hand, Kenjiro’s last work was the 2020 series and film, “Hachioji Zombies”.

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Aya and Kenjiro have been dating for two years

(Photo Source: MingpaoNeo-Tokyo 2099)