Annie Liu recently admitted that she has been adding on the pounds for the past few months, assuring that it was for an upcoming role.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the premiere of “The Ladies’ Market” recently alongside co-star Ron Ng, stated that she has been called “fat” by her peers in recent days, after trying to gain muscles for her movie.

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Annie with her ‘The Ladies’ Market’ co-star Ron Ng

“In order to do so, I have to gain weight first. My weight has always been around 40-something kilogram, but it’s already in the 50s now. A lot of people told me not to get bigger, but this is for a movie,” she said.

Asked if she is worried about not being able to return to her original shape, Annie said that gaining weight has actually been harder for her than losing it.

“I have gained weight, but not muscles yet. I have several months to do so,” she added.

However, the actress is mum regarding the said project.

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Annie Liu has always been lithe and slim

(Photo Source: Annie Liu Instagram)