Did you know that there is one Andy Lau movie out there that he has regretted filming and will always be his biggest regret?

As reported on Epoch Times, an old interview of the Hong Kong movie king made the rounds on the internet recently, in which Andy was asked about which movie he thought was his worst.

To that, he answered, “Fascination Amour” – a 1999 romantic-comedy co-starring Hikari Ishida, Qu Ying, Anthony Wong and Huang Lei.

It is noted that the film was widely criticised for being a cash grab by critics and fans alike, and made only HKD 8,889,770 at the box office.

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Andy with co-star Hikari Ishida in ‘Fascination Amour’

Andy stated that he had just paid off all the debts from establishing his own production company at the time that the film project came to him, and decided to accept the role in the movie after being offered a hefty sum.

The actor stated that when he went aboard the cruise ship to film at the Caribbean Sea after the film company paid him his salary, he found out that the film set was in chaos, as they did not have enough money to hire crew members and extra actors, and thus, Andy had to take care of other crew work as well.

He later found out that all the money was spent on paying his salary that they couldn’t even afford extras.

“I really regret it. Even after I received the money, it didn’t feel good to spend it,” he added.

The experience working in the movie had taught him a big lesson, Andy admitted, saying that he never again choose a movie based on how much it pays rather than how great the script and story are.

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Andy with ‘Shock Wave 2’ co-star, Sean Lau. It’s the script and story that matter, not the money, he says

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fans Instagram, SoGoodReviews, LoveHKFilm)