It was reported that an RC Cola ad that went viral last year for being absolutely weird has now won a prestigious international award, the 2021 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in particular.

On 25 June, advertising agency GIGIL, which was responsible for the ad, shared the good news on Facebook, writing, “WE JUST WON OUR FIRST-EVER CANNES LIONS!”

“GIGIL snatched a bronze in ‘Film,’ one of the toughest categories of the Festival. Big thanks to our RC Cola clients who believed in the idea, and our production partners Arcade Film Factory, Riot, Barebones, and Hit Productions.”

It was last year that the RC Cola commercial went viral, even attracting the attention of American TV personality Ellen DeGeneres.

The said ad features a boy confronting his mother in a melodramatic way about his identity, asking if he was adopted after being teased in school.

As his mother tries to assure him that he is not, the boy takes his clothes off and shows the four drinking glasses attached to his back. His mother then reveals the truth by removing her head to reveal that her body is attached to a bottle of RC Cola. The commercial ends with everybody enjoying the said drinks in the glasses from the boy’s body.

One netizen commented, “This is Japanese-level commercial!” You can make your own judgement on the strangeness of it all here:

(Photo Source: GIGIL FB, RC Cola Philippines FB)