Tony Hung is elated to be producing a TVB drama for the first time through the new series, “Haunted House Cleaner” (working title).

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who is co-producing for the first time alongside C-Kwan and Tommy Lo, revealed that he is also starring in the lead, which adds the pressure of wearing several hats at the same time.

“I’ve heard about people working as haunted house cleaners two years ago and thought that it is an interesting subject matter. It took us five times of being rejected before TVB accepted our story outline, and after finishing the script with Tommy, it took another half a year to work it with the company,” he said.

Tony stated that he was lucky that the three of them were very supportive of one another, and was thankful that TVB has also given them a lot of assistance when it comes to the work in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

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Tony assures his fans that he and his team did not encounter anything supernatural during the past ten days of filming

On the other hand, C-Kwan stated that the drama will not be a comedy despite people expecting it of him.

“It will be heavy and filled with conspiracy. I mentioned earlier that I don’t want to do something expected. Changing is not a bad thing,” he said.

Co-starring Lee Sing Cheung, Benjamin Au, Kelly Fu and Fred Cheng, the story of “Haunted House Cleaner” revolves around a group of exorcists who “cleans” haunted houses for clients. No information as to when it will be broadcasted.

(Photo Source: Tony Hung Instagram)