After announcing that they are tying the knot, TVB actor Tony Hung revealed that he and partner Inez Leong are planning for a year-end wedding reception.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke to the media for the first time since his previous announcement, shared that nothing much has been determined when it comes to the wedding, including whether or not it would be a large banquet.

“Considering the limited gathering order, we’re still discussing whether to entertain family, relatives, friends, and the media. My mother is currently in Taiwan, and many relatives and friends are also out of town. I don’t want them to have to quarantine for my wedding,” he said.

Tony also added that he is also deliberating whether to just broadcast the wedding online instead.

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Tony and Inez enjoy hiking and running together

As for his previous announcement, Tony stated that he and Inez received a lot of blessings, as well as “threatening messages” on his part from Inez’s friends.

“I’m thinking about reporting it to the police. I am so worried. I must treat Inez well,” he said, light-heartedly.

On the other hand, the actor addressed a recent post made by good friend and former rumoured romance Priscilla Wong, who congratulated him while calling him various insulting nicknames.

To that, he said, “Priscilla and I have been friends for more than ten years. Inez, Priscilla, [Priscilla’s husband] Edwin, and I are all good friends, so it’s normal for us to say those things to each other. Inez and I thought her words were very warm,” he added.

(Photo Source: Tony Hung Instagram, Inez Leong Instagram)