Although 22 June was his 59th birthday, it looks like Stephen Chow had no time at all for a big bash this year.

As reported on Epoch Times, the filmmaker’s good friend and fellow actor Tin Kai Man recently revealed that the comedy auteur has been busy focusing on the movie “The Mermaid 2” even on his birthday.

“Although the movie has been completed, there are still many things to do when it comes to the post-production work. Hopefully, it will be released during the Lunar New Year next year,” he said, adding that he has wished Stephen a happy birthday early on.

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Stephen Chow and Tin Kai Man worked together in many movies including ‘Shaolin Soccer’

Asked if he is involved in the movie as well, Tin smiled and replied, “It’s a pity that I didn’t have the opportunity to participate.”

On the other hand, “The Mermaid” star and Sing Girl, Jelly Lin Yun recently took to Weibo to wish Stephen with a series of photos of the said actor from his old movies, captioning it, “Happy birthday, boss.”

Lin Yun shares several photos of Stephen including this one on her social media

(Photo Source: Guang Ming, United Daily News, SINA)