More than a year following the death of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, it was revealed that he is finally been laid to rest.

As reported on Mingpao, the funeral was held on 30 May, with his four sons Lawrence, Orlando, Arnaldo and Mario escorting the coffin to the Ho family cemetery, where he was buried near his parents as well as his firstborn daughter Jane, who passed away at the age of 67 from a rare blood disease in 2014.

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Stanley’s four sons were seen escorting the coffin to the cemetery with eldest son Lawrence holding a framed photograph of their late father

On the other hand, most of the Ho family members were also seen at the burial, including second wife Lucina Laam, third wife Ina Chan, fourth wife Angela Leong, and daughters Pansy Ho, Josie Ho and Laurinda Ho. It is noted that first wife Clementina had passed away in 2004, she was 80.

It was reported that Stanley’s coffin is an elaborate Chinese-style coffin made of nanmu – a precious type of wood and that it cost HKD 8 million.

Third wife Ina Chan with daughter Laurinda

It is noted that the tycoon passed away back in May last year at the age of 98, with his funeral held two months later. However, the body was temporarily interred at TWGHs Coffin Home instead of being laid to rest after a Feng Shui master stated that there was no auspicious date for the burial last year.

Speaking to the media after the burial, Stanley’s daughter Daisy Ho expressed, “Thank you for your concern! Everything went smoothly today.”

The late tycoon had sixteen children with his four wives.

The coffin is revealed to cost HKD 8 million

(Photo Source: United NewsMingpaoHype)