Jung Chul-min and Lee Hwan-jin – the producers of Korean hit variety show “Running Man” – recently took to social media to express their gratitude to Lee Kwang-soo for his 11 years in the show, now that his last episode has been aired.

As reported on Koreaboo, Jung recently posted a photo of Lee Kwang-soo from one of the past episodes where he was tied to an airplane as part of a penalty on the show, and revealed that the actor asked him if they will fly the plane at normal height with him on the wing.

When told that they will fly it lower as to not make it scary for him, Lee suggested that they raise it to the highest possible to make it fun for the viewers.

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Lee Kwang-soo has been with “Running Man” for 11 years
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And it’s a wrap

“He always thought about the programme and his career rather than himself and showed such professionalism. Although he is younger than me, I have always had such respect for him,” said Jung, as he expressed hope that the actor will have better things in his future.

On the other hand, Lee Hwan-jin revealed that the actor has never said no to whatever that is suggested by the staff, even when he was injured or sick.

“Whenever I work on the editing, I always thought he was such a crazy funny guy and that all comedians all over the world would be surprised if they saw it,” he stated.

The last episode with Lee aired on 13 June. The actor’s decision to leave the show came in April, after he admitted to still face the effect from his car accident that occurred in February last year.

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Lee Kwang-soo receives his “Thank You for Running Together 11 Years” award

(Photo Source: Running Man Instagram, Lee Kwang-soo Instagram, AllKPop)