Ruby Lin is now a proud holder of an MBA.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the Taiwanese actress-producer recently graduated with an MBA from Shih Hsin University in Shanghai, which she had to complete through its Taipei campus.

According to a professor at the university, Ruby was always early to class and was one of the top students. The actress never acted like a celebrity and would never miss her assignments, which is why she was also honoured with the Outstanding Achievement Award.

The 45 year-old actress stated that she has always wanted to enrich herself after being in showbiz for so many years.

“The past two years, I was happy to be in school. But I also felt a bit displaced. The first semester was in Shanghai, one semester online, and one semester in Taipei. But of course, I like the feeling of being in school better because I can discuss with my classmates,” she said.

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Ruby had always wanted to enrich herself beyond the showbiz world

Ruby also expressed her thanks to the Department of Communication, stating that she had benefitted a lot from the two-year course.

“It’s just a pity that after two years of studying, I can’t participate in the graduation ceremony,” she added.

(Photo Source: Ruby Lin Instagram)