Rosemarie Vega, who became famous for her relationship with Ed “Big Ed” Brown in the TLC show, “90-Day Fiancé”, recently admitted that she has no regrets ending the relationship with the latter.

As reported on GMA, the reality show star, who spoke in an interview with Dr. Anna on GMA Digital’s “Share Ko Lang”, stated that she was just being herself and showing her true character instead of worrying about what people would think of her when she decided to do the show.

“Maybe the real reason was we didn’t really ‘click’ anymore, no matter what we did,” she said, stating that she tried her best to remain in the relationship before deciding to pull the plug.

“I tried turning everything negative into positive, but if something refuses to become positive no matter what you do and if that person refuses to budge, then why not let go?” she said.

Rosemarie Vega learns a lot from "90-Day Fiancé", celeb asia, rosemarie vega, theHive.Asia
Ed and Rose’s whole relationship was a reality show

It is noted that the mother of one has expressed her desire to have more children with her said partner, but that Ed revealed on the show that he has already undergone vasectomy despite telling Rose the opposite prior to their meeting.

As for her son Prince, Rose said that she draws all her strength from him, and that her every decision is based on what would be good for him.

Rosemarie Vega learns a lot from "90-Day Fiancé", celeb asia, rosemarie vega, theHive.Asia
Rose draws strength from son Prince

As to what she learned from doing the show, Rose said that one should never “give in” too much in a relationship.

“If you really love each other, both of you have to adjust no matter where you go and where you come from,” she said.

Rose and Ed were among the most popular couple on the highly controversial show for all the wrong reasons – with Ed, who is known as Big Ed, being criticised for disrespecting Rose and her culture.

(Photo Source: Rosemarie Vega Instagram, Newsweek)