Ria Atayde recently assured that she is doing fine now, after undergoing surgery for herniated disc back in April.

The actress, who spoke to the media at the Star Magic Black Pen Media Con that was held on 21 June, stated that it has been two months and 13 days since the surgery, and that she will be going to the doctors for a post-op appointment in a few days.

“I’m okay. I’m off painkillers officially so there’s that. So we’re doing good,” she said.

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Feeling brand new

“Actually it really made me feel like I’m brand new again. Although there is still some pain after surgery on my lower back, I’m able to work better already. Actually I really had it done [so] I could act properly,” she said.

In her past interview, Ria admitted that she did her best to avoid spinal surgery, but that she finally decided to go under the knife after realising that she could no longer stand and sit properly.

“I really want to be able to continue to act and I know that for a fact, if I kept my injury there, it would not be easy when you have to act,” she stated at the time.

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Ria with brother Arjo Atayde

(Photo Source: Ria Atayde Instagram)