It’s one thing to go under the knife to look like a famous celebrity, but it’s another to turn it into profit and making a big business out of it altogether.

That’s what a former courier from Chongqing, China named Yibo did, after years of being told that he resembles Hong Kong singer-actor and chef Nicholas Tse.

After a period of job changes and not making it big except to work courier and being told again and again that he has a far more popular and wealthier version, Yibo decided to instead focus on imitating Nicholas Tse on various shows and TV programmes, including CCTV’s “Open the Door”.

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Yibo working as a courier at a young age

However, despite making a decent amount of money from impersonating the actor, Yibo decided to up the ante by having a facelift in order to have a total transformation into Nicholas Tse’s doppelgänger.

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He used to look like “a version” of Nicholas Tse…
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…before changing totally into a mirror-image of the actor

However, unlike most people who would be satisfied with resembling a star, Yibo went a step further by establishing his own company managing various people of similar talent – imitating other celebrities. He also offered professional training by enabling these performers to not just look alike but to have the same mannerisms of the stars they copy as well.

With the demand of these copycat performers on the rise, the company reportedly has made a lot of profit, making Yibo a millionaire at the age of 25.

Unconvinced? Here are a couple more photos of Yibo becoming Nicholas Tse.

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How is this not Nicholas Tse?
Ah, the sleeveless tee and bracelet. Classic Nic…

(Photo Source: MINews)