Louis Koo revealed that billionaire Joseph Lau has recently donated HKD 10 million to help Hong Kong film workers make ends meet during the pandemic.

As reported on Mingpao, the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers’ president Louis Koo confirmed the news recently, stating that the money, which came through the Joseph Lau Charitable Foundation, will be used for the federation’s new “Keep Rolling Keep Running” programme.

Movie lover Joseph Lau has donated to the HK film industry in the past

The said programme entails productions in Hong Kong to hire only Hong Kong film professionals in order to increase domestic employment opportunities and to develop a new generation of film workers.

“Thank you very much to the Joseph Lau Foundation for its donation to help our film workers. With this project, we hope to make eight movies in the next two years,” said Louis. “After Mr. Lau learned of this project he immediately generously donated HKD 10 million to help us with taking the first step.”

In addition, Louis stated that he would use various methods to plan the rest of the films, and bring reforms to the Federation and further promote the film industry.

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Louis Koo is committed to promoting HK film industry despite the pandemic

The Hong Kong film industry has been in a dire situation for the past few years even before the pandemic, having been affected by the Hong Kong protests prior to COVID-19 outbreak.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram, Aboluowang, HK01)