Rumour has it that TVB actor Lai Lok Yi and wife are having another baby.

As reported on Mingpao, sources recently claimed that the actor’s wife Nicole Lee is now two months pregnant, but that only family members are told about the pregnancy as it has yet to enter its third month.

It was also rumoured that Lai previously planned to travel to mainland China to start work, but decided to stay in Hong Kong instead to take care of his wife.

When asked about it, Lai did not deny it, instead saying, “Thank you! Thank you! You know when the conversation is appropriate, but I can’t speak of it right now.”

Lai has been married to Nicole since 2014 and they have a son together. In his past interview, he revealed that he would like to have another child so that his son will have company, though stressed that they have a consensus on it.

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Lai is a doting dad

(Photo Source: MingpaoLai Lok Yi Instagram)