Kathryn Bernardo seems to have the best international fans, after it was revealed that her Indonesian supporters have planted trees in dedication to her.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the actress recently reposted a tweet from her Indonesian fan club, who called themselves KaDreamers, revealing that they have planted 266 trees in her name as part of an environmental campaign.

“You’re the best guys!!” she tweeted.

Boyfriend Daniel Padilla also expressed his awe with the fans’ good deeds, expressing his thanks on the group’s Instagram of a photo of a banner that read, “250 Trees from Kathryn Bernardo X Kadreamers Indonesia for the earth”.

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Kathryn with boyfriend Daniel Padilla

The trees were revealed to have been planted in Kampung Laut of the Cilacap Regency in Central Java, Indonesia as part of the LindungiHutan crowd-planting project.

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Indonesian fans show off their good deeds on social media

(Photo Source: Kathryn Bernardo Instagram, Kadreamers Indonesia Instagram)