Following reports of an impending divorce between Jun Ji-hyun and banker husband Choi Joon-hyuk, the actress’ agency Culture Depot has now denied the false allegation.

As reported on Naver, on 3 June, Culture Depot released a statement about the rumour, stating that everything that was shared on the YouTube channel of Garo Sero Institute were false and groundless.

“Currently, information that is in the opposite of the facts are being indiscriminately spread online, and we have found intentional malicious rumors derived from Garo Sero Institute are being created and posted.

We therefore plan to investigate the exact truth behind the distorted false facts, and we will take strong legal action against the spread of false information through erroneous articles and comments,” the statement added.

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The actress’ agency has threatened to take legal actions against those who spread rumours about the state of her marriage

Garo Sero Institute, one of South Korea’s most influential right-wing political and entertainment outlets, had previously alleged that Choi has left their shared home back in December last year amid supposed marital woes, but that Jun is now refusing to agree to a divorce. It added that the actress was unwilling to do so due to her many endorsement deals, claiming that a negative press could cost Jun a hefty amount of penalty from the brands.

(Photo Source: Jun Ji-hyun Instagram)