JJ Lin is elated to be given the honour to help arrange and co-produce the remake of Wang Leehom and David Tao’s song, “Hand in Hand”.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Singaporean singer-songwriter, who spoke about working with multiple performers on the project, shared that the song plays a great significance during these times of the pandemic.

“I hope that through our music, people will be able to feel warmth and have more positive energy, and that this cooperation will remind everybody that we can work together to overcome difficulties,” he said.

JJ Lin honoured to remake “Hand in Hand”, celeb asia, jj lin, theHive.Asia
The song is a collaborative effort of various Taiwanese singers

The challenge in remaking the song, said JJ, was the fact that everybody was not able to work in the same studio.

“Since the recording equipment and the environment were not consistent, it was very difficult to integrate them in a harmonious way. But no matter the process, or how hard it was, everybody worked hard to achieve the mission,” he said.

Aside from JJ, other performers who collaborated in the project include Wu Qing-feng, Hebe Tien, One-Fang, Shi Shi, Tarcy Su, as well as rapper E.SO, who added something new to the lyrics.

It is noted that “Hand in Hand” was composed by Leehom and David back in 2003 during the SARS epidemic.

The song can be heard here:

(Photo Source: JJ Lin, Epoch Times)