Ji Sung recently admitted that it was the dystopian nature of the story and the grey nature of his role that attracted him to star in his new drama, “The Devil Judge”.

According to Newsis, the Korean star, who is making his drama comeback after two years through the new tvN series, stated that he was drawn to his character Kang Ho-Yan – a head trial judge who punishes the dishonest with no mercy, and wanted to know more about him.

“He is an unrealistic character, but that made it quite attractive. It made me more curious of his back story,” he said, explaining that Kang is a character that walks on the borderline between good and evil.

Ji Sung also stated that he wanted to look back at the idea of justice in the present age, and that he was interested in how the storyline has a variety of elements that will attract the audience.

At the same time, the actor, who has always redefined himself through his many interesting roles – from playing multiple characters in “Kill Me, Heal Me”, to portraying a prosecutor with memory loss in “Innocent Defendant”, stated that he wanted to showcase another version of himself again.

“I wanted to find and express a different side of me that I didn’t even know about through this portrayal that I have never done before,” he added.

“The Devil Judge” is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, where trials are held through a courtroom live show aired on television. The upcoming series will be aired on 3 July, with a webtoon adaptation currently in the works.

It also co-stars Kim Min-Jung, Park Jin-Young, and Park Gyu-Young.

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‘The Devil Judge’ will be aired beginning 3 July

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