Jake Ejercito is now officially a Kapamilya.

The actor, who appeared at the Black Pen Day – which was organised by Star Magic on 19 June to welcome new residential artistes, stated that it is an honour and privilege for him to sign a management contract with the said agency.

“Both my parents were in showbiz before, my father Joseph Estrada and my mother Laarni Enriquez. Growing up, considering both my parents are from showbiz, my older sister and I, it was sort of our childhood dream to follow their footsteps. We wanted to enter the industry as well,” he said.

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Star Magic welcomed Jake to the Star Magic Family

Jake also added that he is excited about learning more about the craft and to work with various Kapamilya artistes.

Asked what his parents said about him joining showbiz, Jake stated, “A lot actually. Apart from always being on time and doing the work, I guess what stands out is to always make use of your eyes in front of the camera.”

The actor will soon be seen in the upcoming ABS-CBN series, “Marry Me, Marry You”, co-starring another new Kapamilya, Janine Gutierrez.

Other stars who inked a deal to be a part of the Star Magic Family include award-winning actor John Arcilla, actress Angeline Quinto, and singer Jayda Avanzado.

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Jayda also joins Star Magic

(Photo Source: Jake Ejercito Instagram, Jayda Avanzado Instagram)