Rumour has it that Christine Kuo’s marriage to racer William Lok is currently on the rocks.

As reported on Singtao, the former TVB actress, who tied the knot with the wealthy heir, reportedly has moved away from their shared home in Bel-Air Peak Avenue, and is now renting an apartment near Kowloon station.

According to sources, the issue between the two stemmed from the fact that Christine had wanted to have children – being someone who love kids and seeing good friends like Leanne Li, Eliza Sam and Linda Chung already having babies.

However, William reportedly was more focused on his career and rather not have children.

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The actress and her husband William do not have any kids
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Christine dots on her cute niece and nephew

It was reported that Christine, who tied the knot with William in 2018, left her husband in the beginning of this year and returned to Canada, and returned to Hong Kong in April only to move to a new home.

Rumours of their separation further fuelled when the actress posted a video of her reading a philosophical book, “The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten”, writing, “In the last few days, I have cleared 20 boxes of things, those that should be donated, those that should be given away, and those that should be cut off. At the same time, I began to study the book of philosophy.”

When approached by the media about the separation rumours, William made no comment except to say that he will wait for Christine’s camp to respond to it.

As for Christine, her manager stated that they haven’t heard about it and will have to investigate.

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William and Christine had a fairy tale wedding back in 2018

(Photo Source: Christine Kuo InstagramHK01)