Catriona Gray is not against trying her hands on acting, and would be happy to try the action genre.

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the beauty queen-turned-singer, who spoke to the media at the virtual press conference for her latest single, “RYF” recently, stated that she is willing to try despite having no experience whatsoever.

“I would love to be given the opportunity to have an action movie because I have a black belt in karate from when I was younger. And I would love the opportunity to like have a fight scene or something,” she said.

Catriona also stated that she is not picky when it comes to her co-star as it would be a learning experience, though unsure as to whether she would be okay about working with actor boyfriend Sam Milby.

“So it’s not that we’re opposed to working together, I guess it’s that it would be different, you know? It’s either marketing your relationship with a project, or keeping it for yourselves,” she said.

Nonetheless, it is noted that Catriona has already worked with Sam in her music, when she performed “We’re In This Together” live with him for a charity campaign.

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Catriona and Sam went public with their relationship in May 2020

(Photo Source: Catriona Gray Instagram)