Aie, the creator of popular comic series like “Blues Untuk Aku” and “Abe”, has recently passed away.

The news was shared by fellow cartoonist, Ujang, who revealed on Facebook that Aie, real name Saari Sulong, died at 4am on 28 June in his hometown Kampung Manggis, Banting due to kidney disease complications.

“May his soul rest in peace and be among those blessed by God,” he added.

There wasn’t a dorm room that didn’t have “Blues Untuk Aku” poster on its walls in the ’90s
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Aie is also famous for his tear-jerking story of “Abe”
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A talented cartoonist, gone too soon

It is noted that Aie had been on dialysis for five years due to diabetes and kidney failure.

Born in 1973, Aie was one of the most popular cartoonists and comic book writers of his generation. Aside from working for comic magazines such as “Gila-Gila”, “Ujang”, and “G3”, he was also the creator of two graphic novels, “Permulaan Sebuah Akhiran” and “Dia Yang Dulu”.

His cartoon series, “Blues Untuk Aku” was among the top favourites of comic readers in the 90s, with characters from the series being copied and adored by teens everywhere.

He was 48.

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Aie’s piece for the cover of a 2006 edition of G3

(Photo Source: Aie Instagram, MalaysiaKini)