Nicola Coughlan recently admitted that she is excited about returning to her character in season 2 of “Bridgerton”, especially now that the viewers are in the know about Penelope’s secret identity.

The actress, who sat down for an interview recently, stated that season 2 will see her balancing both roles at the same time as the kind and beloved Penelope Featherington, as well as the rumour-monger Lady Whistledown.

“It’s so much fun because last time I got to do it, but in a super subtle way. It could never be overt, because you didn’t want it to be obvious to the audience. So with Penelope’s reveal, you’ll hear people saying, ‘I knew straightaway’ and ‘I never expected it.’ I don’t want to say too much but, but you will be on the journey with her this time. And it’s this really fun thing for the audience to be in on it,” she said.

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Nicola Coughlan with Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton

Coughlan added that she has always been excited about marrying the two worlds of Penelope and Lady Whistledown together.

“Coming in to Season 2, she’s a bit more wise. She knows the game a little bit more, but also getting to see both sides of her and to play, it’s so much fun. I really am having a ball, I can’t lie,” she stated.

Coughlan will be joined by many of the original stars including Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne Bridgerton; Claudia Jessie, who plays Penelope’s best friend Eloise Bridgerton; as well as Jonathan Bailey, whose character Anthony Bridgerton will have centre stage in season two.

They will be joined by new cast members that include Charithra Chandran, Calam Lynch, Rupert Young, as well as Simone Ashley who will play Anthony’s new love interest Kate Sharma.

Season 2 will focus more on Jonathan Bailey’s character Anthony Bridgerton