Andy Lau recently confirmed that he will be starring in the second instalment of the 2019 mainland sci-fi movie, “The Wandering Earth”.

The actor shared the good news during a live broadcast to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Andy’s World Club, where he answered fans’ questions as well as clarify a few rumours about his upcoming projects.

Although there are still no further details about the sequel, the film has already been scheduled tentatively for release on New Year’s Day 2023.

The original film directed by Frant Gwo was loosely based on the 2000 novella by Liu Cixin. It stars Gu Chuxiao, Mike Sui and Li Guangjie as a group of astronauts and rescue workers guiding the Earth away from an expanding Sun, while attempting to prevent a collision with Jupiter.

It made US$ 700 million at the box office from a budget of US$ 50 million, becoming China’s fifth highest-grossing film of all time and the fifth highest-grossing non-English film to date.

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Andy revealed in the live broadcast that he will star in ‘The Wandering Earth 2’

Aside from the said movie, Andy also revealed that next year will bring more projects including “Shock Wave 3” as well as another film, “All Stars” (working title) to be directed by Ning Hao, whose 2006 movie, “Crazy Stone” was co-produced by Andy.

On the other hand, the actor also dismissed rumours that he will be involved in a singing-themed reality show in the mainland, saying, “There has never been any plans to join a reality show.”

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Andy Lau to also star in ‘Shock Wave 3’

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fans Club Instagram)