Zsa Zsa Padilla recently went on social media to deny rumours that she had been tested positive for COVID-19.

On 2 May, the actress posted a photo of herself at a medical centre in California, and revealed that she had flown to the US to get an MRI after experiencing leg and back pain for five days.

“[I] couldn’t have an MRI in Manila because of the COVID cases in hospitals,” she explained.

Explaining that there is no truth to rumours about her getting COVID-19, Padilla wrote, “Last year, I started having problems with the nerves on my legs and some lower back pains. My doctor in Manila advised me to have an MRI but unfortunately, since it was my first time to do this procedure, I had no idea I would cry and back out due to claustrophobia.”

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Zsa Zsa Padilla shares this photo of her at a hospital in California

“So, after a year, my back and leg started giving me problems again and since our hospitals are filled with COVID patients, I didn’t want to risk having my tests back home. My partner, Conrad decided to take me to see his brother, Dr Art Onglao in California and he found a specialist for me. I also needed check up with my OB-GYN and luckily, my nerve specialist is married to an OB-GYN! What were the chances?!”

Padilla stated that she had just undergone the dreaded MRI and was happy that she will be getting her diagnosis soon.

“I know that everything will be okay. I just thought of sharing so you wouldn’t get fake news. Thanks for joining me. Take care now!” she added.

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The actress also met up with family members living in the US while she was there

(Photo Source: Zsa Zsa Padilla Instagram)