While there hasn’t been an official confirmation on whether or not the Olympic Games will be held this July, it was reported that TVB is now busy preparing for its upcoming coverage of the event.

As reported on Mingpao, TVB Executive Eric Tsang, who appeared at the press conference to announce TVB’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics plans, revealed that the Hong Kong government has required for TVB to not only broadcast live events, but also produce a series of programmes to promote the games.

He admitted that the planning was a bit hasty this time, as nothing is set in stone when it comes to the possibility of the Tokyo Olympics being held at all.

“We will prepare the production of “All Star Sports Day” first, and arrange all artistes and members of the public to participate. It will be broadcast 15 days before the countdown of the opening of the Olympics to create the atmosphere,” he said.

Eric also revealed that he plans to send TVB artistes to Japan to cover the events, with those who are expected to leave to get their vaccinations first.

“It will depend on the changes in the days to come. We will see if it will happen. To succeed, you actually have to have two-handed preparation. But you really don’t know how to prepare. It’s a big thing to do, but a bigger thing if you don’t do it,” he added.

No actual names have been confirmed to go to Japan, though the press conference did invite stars like Alex Fong, Elaine Yu, Kitty Kwong, James Ng and Ashley Chu.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)