Not 24 hours after he released the music video for his song “Advice”, Taemin has already received more than five million views on YouTube.

The singer and member of SHINee released the said video on 18 May, a week before his military enlistment. The song itself was first performed during his farewell solo concert “Never Gonna Dance Again” that was held online on 2 May.

Together with the MV, Taemin also showed off his new long locks, which will definitely not stay for long seeing that he has to shave it all soon.

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Taemin showed off his new look in his music video for his song ‘Advice’

On 19 May, SHINee also announced that Taemin’s mini-album of the same name has also topped Korean and international charts, recording number 1 on the iTunes Top Album charts of 41 international regions.

Taemin is the last member of the group to enlist in the military after Onew, Key, and Minho. The three have already completed their mandatory service.

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A pity that his long locks will be snipped off soon

(Photo Source: Taemin Instagram)