A South Korean cinema chain broke the internet recently by announcing that they are selling their popcorn by the bulk.

On 18 May, CJ CGV, the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, recently went on Facebook to advertise their new popcorn promotion, revealing that cinemagoers can now purchase a cement-bag sized popcorn at KRW 9,900 per bag at selected theatres nationwide.

And the promo images are something to behold.

Popcorn oppa giving off a construction worker vibe
Yes, gimme the popping veins… I mean… popcorn…
It’s raining corn… hallelujah…

And if you think, “Why would anybody buy that much popcorn?”, well, here are the photos of people buying them as if the world is ending.

How many Netfix shows can you watch before you finish all that?
It’s not actual cement, so it’s not too heavy to be dragged inside a bus
Masked guy doesn’t want you to know his identity, fearing you will come and steal his popcorn
Shed the pounds by carrying it home, then add the pounds back later by eating all of it

Can we suggest our local cinema chains to do this as well? Should we make a petition?