Miss Universe-Philippines Rabiya Mateo recently expressed her disappointment over Filipino fans making racist and hate comments against other contestants of the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

As reported on PEP, the beauty queen, who spoke in a virtual media conference, stated that she was saddened that her fellow contestant, Nova Stevens of Canada was cyberbullied by some Filipinos over her skin colour, with comments saying that she looked scary and “burnt”.

“I saw the post of Nova earlier and I really feel sorry [for] her because nobody deserves to be in that position,” Mateo said.

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Nova Stevens recently revealed the racist remarks that were thrown her way online

She added that she had personally messaged Stevens and another contestant Amanda Obdam of Thailand for the hate against them.

“I talked to several girls. I actually personally sent messages to Amanda, to Nova saying sorry, because these hate speeches that we see online, this is not a reflection of who we are as Filipinos,” she said.

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Amanda Obdam also finds herself receiving hate comments online

Being someone who has experienced such a thing as well, Mateo stated that bullying is a very emotional topic, and that she would always campaign against bullying in all forms.

“That’s why I’m actually planning to make a video, the organisation and I are planning to make a video to make an appeal to the public to stop being rude. Because it costs nothing to be kind,” she added.

(Photo Source: Rabiya Mateo Instagram, Nova Stevens Instagram, Amanda Obdam Instagram)