After filming her TVB comeback drama, “Big White Duel II”, Nancy Wu is back on track with another series, the Shaw Brothers’ “ICAC Attack”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who spoke at the press conference announcing the new series, revealed that this will be her first Shaw drama since she signed with the studio, and that her character will be the hardest one yet since she started acting.

“I became emotionally affected after reading the script and kept losing sleep. The character has a very complicated background. I am not playing an ICAC officer or even a cop in this series. I don’t even know how to describe it,” she said.

Nancy also revealed that she will play Bosco Wong’s sister in the drama, and is excited to work with other cast members such as Mandy Wong and Vincent Ng.

As for Bosco, the actor stated that it has been years since he and Nancy have worked together.

“She is playing my older sister although my real age seems to be slightly older than her. But it doesn’t matter. Our acting will make up for it,” he said.

On the other hand, TVB is also producing a similar drama called, “ICAC Investigators 2022”, co-starring Benjamin Yuen and Sisley Choi – which means that two of TVB Best Actress winners will be battling it out to see which one of their dramas about the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will gain the most viewership.

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Nancy cautions everyone to stay safe

(Photo Source: Nancy Wu Instagram)