Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada’s camp recently announced that they will be suspending her work and entertainment activities to help her focus on her health.

As reported on Nikkan Sports, the actress, who sparked concern after appearing too thin earlier this week at an endorsement event, was revealed to have been suffering from adjustment disorder after first falling ill last spring.

Her agency Horipro confirmed that she was diagnosed with the disorder by a doctor earlier this month. “For the time being, we will prioritise treatment and suspend her work,” the agency stated. “We sincerely apologised for the inconvenience caused to all concerned parties, and we would like to support Kyoko Fukada as much as possible.”

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Taking some time off to feel better

The actress was originally scheduled to film a new drama with Fuji TV in July, as well as several commercials. Her new movie, “Lupin’s Daughter”, co-starring Keji Seto and Kanna Hashimoto will also be released in October.

According to Mayo Clinic, an adjustment disorder is a stress-related condition in which a person would experience more stress than would normally be expected in response to a stressful or unexpected event, causing significant problems in personal life and work.

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Kyoko is rather good at riding the waves on her pink surfboard

(Photo Source: Kyoko Fukada Instagram)