Jess Sum recently announced that she has given birth to her first baby.

As reported on Mingpao, the former TVB actress announced the good news on Instagram on 21 May with a photo of her and husband Calvin holding their baby boy, writing, “Welcome to the world my babe Jayden.”

Jess also revealed that the entire delivery process went well thanks to the doctor and attentive nurses, and that baby Jayden weighed 2.8kg at birth.

“The real long battle has officially begun,” she added.

Friends including Grace Chan, Selena Lee, Katy Kung, Sarah Song, and Yoyo Chen took to the comments to congratulate the actress, with the latter writing, “Welcome Baby J. We finally meet.”

Speaking to the media about the birth, “The Forgotten Valley” actress stated that she was nervous prior to giving birth to Jayden but was crying with happiness the moment he was born.

“My family thinks that the baby’s forehead and mouth look like Calvin’s, and that his eyes and nose look like mine. I think he looks like my husband while asleep and like me when he wakes,” she said.

She also revealed that she wasn’t able to take pregnancy and motherhood courses while she was pregnant due to the pandemic and has to learn as it goes.

“I hope that the baby will be healthy and eat well. I am ready to go through another stage in my life,” she enthused.

Jess tied the knot with her husband in December 2019, and announced her pregnancy in January this year.

(Photo Source: Jess Sum Instagram)