JC Santos is excited about his new project – an OFW-themed film titled, “The Eventologist”.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke about the upcoming film, stated that he will be playing a Pinoy event planner based in Doha, Qatar – a kind of role he has never tried in his career yet.

“Every time I accept a project I make sure I haven’t done it in my life. So, this is something that I haven’t done. This is my fifth year in the industry so I still have many roles that have not been portrayed. So, this is exciting for me,” he enthused.

Although the film will not begin shooting until later this year, Santos admitted that he is excited to begin preparing for it.

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JC Santos hopes that the film will be able to help others relate to the struggles of OFWs

“I want to know the whole dynamics of the character to the people around him. Because when you are an overseas Filipino worker, it’s a different feeling when you’re together in another country. I think I have an inkling of how it feels to be an OFW, of being outside my comfort zone of being far away from my family. I can’t wait to immerse myself there. I want to be there two weeks before for more script analysis and I want to get to know the people to talk with there, how will the Filipinos in Qatar talk,” he said.

Santos also described the movie as inspirational, saying that he hopes that the film will be able to help others relate to the struggles of OFWs.

No news as to when the movie will be released.

(Photo Source: JC Santos Instagram)