Jay Park has recently released a new apology for his lyrics to “Muk Bang (Remix)”, a 2020 song by Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA that he was featured in.

On 27 May, the Korean rapper, who had addressed the issue earlier, posted a note on Twitter, admitting that he originally did not understand the backlash against the song.

“At first I didn’t see the problem, but as I read the comments (not the hateful ones but the ones who are actually trying to educate on why it’s offensive), I see that I used a word some are willing to die behind in my lyrics and it’s not my place to use something that means so much to the Muslim people in my rap lyrics freely,” he wrote.

Apologising for the second time to his Muslim fans, Jay stressed that his intent was never to disrespect or offend, adding that he will be more mindful going forth. “I love and respect everybody from all different cultures, ethnicities and religion. Love n Peace,” he added.

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Jay apologises to his Muslim fans for thinking that they would be okay with him using God’s name that way

Jay Park previously angered not only his Muslim fans but Christians as well for the rap lyrics that went, “Grabbin’ a fork likе oh my God/ Look like you seen a Holy Ghost/ Jaw drop, I can never fall off/ Worship mе like Allah/ Get it done like wallah.”

In a previous response to the criticism, Jay wrote, “Lyrics were never meant to be offensive or disrespectful. For anyone who took it that way, I apologize. Y’all outta pocket for “he draggin a religion” or “racist” comments stop with that bull shit false narrative. To me its just lyrics to some its more serious. Simple as that.”

He later wrote, “So to the people who feel some type of way about it. I didn’t know so that’s my bad. Now I’m gonna go back to impacting peoples lives in a positive manner. Hope y’all do the same. Peace and love to everyone.”

(Photo Source: Jay Park Instagram)