Jason Chan Pak Yu’s wife Leanne Fu recently announced that she has no intention to get pregnant again, after needing to abort her pregnancies twice in just one year.

As reported on Mingpao, Leanne recently took to social media to post a family photo taken with her singer husband and their only daughter Abigail in her tenth week of pregnancy, saying that she has decided to take a pregnancy photo since she didn’t do so with Abigail.

She then revealed her pregnancy journey, saying that she was pregnant in May last year, but had to abort it after finding out that it was an ectopic pregnancy.

Though the experience scarred her, Leanne stated that she and Jason tried yet again, as they wanted to have a sibling for Abigail. She then got pregnant again, and was elated to welcome another child.

However, things began to go south after her check-up ten week and five days in, when the doctor told her that the baby had thick neck skin. They then did a blood test to see if the child would have Down Syndrome or heart-related issues.

Leanne said she completely lost it and was crying for a week, but after discussing with Jason and the family and determining that she has the ability to take care of a child with special needs, decided that she would continue on with the pregnancy.

Jason Chan’s wife has to abort baby due to complications, celeb asia, jason chan, theHive.Asia
Jason and Leanne are heartbroken to lose the pregnancy

But it was later revealed that the baby was tested positive for Edward’s syndrome. Leanne said she had no knowledge about the disease, but then found out that it affects one in five thousand live births, and that there is a high chance that the baby will be a stillborn or to only have a short span of life after birth.

“The left and right brain have no separation, there is a severe heart problem, no nasal bone, the intestines were growing outside, the hand missing a bone, the feet are curved, and many more problems. The doctor said that even if it isn’t Edward’s syndrome, the baby will still have a lot of problems,” she said.

Leanne added that it was then that the family decided to have an abortion – a second one in just one year. And with that, she admitted that it would be her last pregnancy.

“I don’t have the courage to take another blow. I have shed a lot of tears and my heart is broken,” she expressed.

Leanne also apologised to her unborn baby, whom she would be aborting in the near future, writing, “I have been thinking about it. I wanted to ignore everything and give birth to you. But every time I thought about giving birth to you and see you alive for how many minutes, how many hours, how many days, or how many months, I just couldn’t bear it. I have never been a lucky person. I don’t have this luck to have you. My luck has been spent on marrying your dad and giving birth to your sister. I’m sorry that I am not blessed to see you born. But you have to know that mum and dad love you forever.”

Jason Chan’s wife has to abort baby due to complications, celeb asia, jason chan, theHive.Asia
Leanne with her daughter Abigail

(Photo Source: Leanne Fu Instagram)